The Federated Employers Mutual Assurance Company (RF) (Pty) Ltd (“FEM”) is licensed to conduct non-life insurance business.

To calculate the full wage, we include the following –
– Overtime that is of a regular nature.
– Bonuses of a regular nature e.g. Annual Bonus.
– Commission of a regular nature.
– The cash value of food and quarters provided to employees as part of their remuneration package.
– Cash value of fringe benefits – company car, accommodation, reduced rates etc.
– Gross Earnings
– Earnings / Drawings paid to working Directors of a Company or Members of a Close Corporation.

The following is excluded –
– Payments of a reimbursement nature.
– Occasional Overtime.
– Ex-Gratia payments.
– Intangible fringe benefits such as the taxable portion of employer contributions to medical aid / pension etc.
– Payments to cover special expenses such as subsistence and travel costs, lunches etc.
– Travel and other occasional allowance.
– If a Director / Member’s only remuneration is profit sharing, the Director / Member is not an employee in terms of The COID Act.

Merit rebates are calculated according to your claims cost against your total premium paid. Should your claims cost be less than 10% of your premium, you may qualify for a rebate of up to 50%. As the claims cost increases, the merit rebate decreases.

The minimum premium, irrespective of the number of employees, is R2500 pa.

Should a main contractor take on a subcontractor who is not covered for Workmen’s Compensation, the main contractor will become liable for any injury experienced by the subcontractor.

FEM LOGs bears the Compensation Fund and Department of Labour logos and is accepted for all tender purposes.

There are no penalties for late reporting. An affidavit will have to accompany the submission, with a reason as to why the incident was reported late.

If you are not satisfied with the service, you receive from FEM please report your experience on the complaints line, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This can be done anonymously if required. The complaints line can also be used to report any fraudulent activities you may come across.
Toll free: 0800 007 705
Free fax: 0800 00 77 88
Free post: KZN 138, Umhlanga Rocks, 4320
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Employees are covered as long as their wages are declared in South Africa and the company is registered in the country. A list of employee names and ID numbers must be sent through to FEM to inform the company of the intention to work outside of the borders. Employees are required to come back into the country at least once every 12 months as per current tax legislation. All medical bills incurred outside of South Africa, will be compensated on acceptance of the claim at the specified COIDA rate and currency exchange rate at the time of submission.

Travel from home to work is not covered under COIDA. Cover only commences once an employee enters the workplace to perform the duties they are employed to do. There are only certain instances when an employee is covered when traveling to work, e.g. working away
from their regular residence and site specific travel.

Employees will be covered, if they receive an instruction from their employer to perform any duty, other than what they were employed for. E.g. a driver who is asked to help with painting, and is injured will be covered.

FEM adheres closely to the Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013 or the POPI Act. Information will only be used to provide the compensation service and will not be used for marketing or sales purposes. It will be kept indefinitely in case of potential future claims, and all reasonable precaution will be taken to protect data. Information will only be forwarded to any third party for the provision of compensation services.

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