FEM is a proud employer of choice offering a fantastic work culture where our employees feel like they are part of a family.  Our culture is one of inclusion and every employee matters. Our workplace environment is conducive to job security, open and collaborative relationships where employees have access to information.  Our values underpin our commitment to our Vision and the work that we do which is meaningful to each employee.  We offer a variety of both tangible and intangible benefits ranging from rewards for practicing our Values, to ensuring that our remuneration is in line with market practice.


We take pride in designing and delivering work experiences centred around development for young professionals in our industry and have a highly skilled workforce. Our learning and development programmes ensure that we have a workforce capable of exploiting new trends and technologies whilst staying abreast of regulatory changes and performing excellently in established roles and outcomes.  Our social programmes are run through credible partner organisations on a strong foundation of ethical principles, good governance and sound management. We aim to improve the lives of our employees, customers, their families and the community at large by a combined approach.


At FEM we have dedicated staff and staff that dedicate their time to ensuring that these initiatives are effective and in line with our belief that our engagement with social issues must be meaningful and formed on the foundation of long-term commitment.


For more on our job vacancies, please visit our LinkedIn  as well as our Careers24 pages.