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What is the ZERO is No Accident initiative?

The construction industry is expected to rebound significantly in 2022, and expand by 9.1% in real terms, positioning it as a significant contributor to South Africa’s post COVID-19 economic recovery, and national infrastructure development plan.

In 2019, the value added by the construction sector accounted for around 4% of the country’s GDP and employed well over 1.3 million people.

Injuries on Duty Daily
Accidental Deaths
Permanently Disabled

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Who benefits from the “ZERO IS NO ACCIDENT” initiative?

Family represents the foundation of self, and as such FEM agrees that family is everything, and we will go to great lengths to support the preservation of families, one breadwinner at a time.

The economic costs of workplace injuries only tell part of the story. There is also a major human cost that is often overlooked. Imagine the physical pain and suffering an injured worker goes through daily. The unrelenting pain comes with problems sleeping, trouble moving around, and difficulty or the inability to do the things they once enjoyed.


Providing Wage Replacement and Medical Benefits to Employees Injured on Construction Sites

Why is the “ZERO IS NO ACCIDENT”initiative important?

The Federated Mutual Assurance Company through the ZERO IS NO ACCIDENT campaign,  seek to mitigate the risk for both employers and employees by delivering a preferred, excellent, and sustainable workmen’s compensation service that champions health and safety in the workplace as a key pillar to the continued growth and success of the industry, provide quality care, empathy and financial support to employees, and their families in the unfortunate event of an accident, illness, or untimely death.

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